Working at Heights Refresher

Legislation, Arrest & Prevention, Ladders, Scaffolds, EWP, Covers, Guardrails, Practical

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CPO Approved Program
Working at Heights refresher is designed to exceed the provincial standards and ensure your employees fully comprehend the risks, how to protect themselves and understand the hardware involved. Designed compliment the permium WAH course offered by Barrantas, this course will take you through building railings, proper selection and use of ladders, hands on exercises with methods of protecting workers who are exposed to heights, and emergency planning reviews.

The course will review and provide hands on evaluations on different levels, and will help workers review and refresh the necessity of evaluating which protection methods are best used for their working situation and how to apply them. The course includes but is not limited to:

  • Different types of fall protection and their applications
  • Group activity involving guardrails and signage
  • Review of Harness classifications & lanyards
  • Harness and lanyard hands-on activity and assessment
  • Anchor point review and activity
  • Fall protection setup calculation review and activity
  • Ladders, platforms and access equipment review & exercise
  • Ladder, scaffold and bump line activities
  • Emergency plan review and discuss
  • Emergency plan exercises

Students will learn about practical aspects in an collaborative classroom setting, combining group activities, individual exercises. Students will also participate in hands-on interactive practical equipment and setup exercises with components from the course theory. Students will be challenged to apply knowledge to their workplace environments.

The course covers practical components and incorporates real life scenarios through scenarios, group activities and hands on use of equipment, all integrated for better retention and learning, ensuring your students get the best quality training for your high risk tasks at heights!

In order to confirm a spot for you we require proof of you having taken the original Working at Heights class.

You have a spot in the class once we have sent you confirmation.

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