Ammonia Refrigeration Audit

Ammonia Refrigeration Audit

Is your facility fully compliant with ALL health and safety regulations?

Are you confident your safe operating procedures are compliant and being followed?

Is your emergency preparedness adequate, and is it compliant with ALL current legislation?

Failure to know the answer to these questions poses a significant risk that could result in:

  • equipment damage
  • business interruption
  • costly fines
  • injuries
  • fatalities
  • lawsuits
  • potential criminal liability

Barantas can help you minimise your risk and liability while building public confidence in your facilities and ensuring safe workplaces for your employees.

We offer a COMPLETE audit that fully covers all regulations and legislation and will reassure your staff, facility visitors, and outside contractors that your facility is up to regulatory compliance, your safety procedures have been externally reviewed, and you are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment in which to work and play.

A Barantas Ammonia Refrigeration Audit will:

  • Ensure you are in compliance with all relevant regulations and legislation
  • Assist in managing risk by identifying any safety concerns or shortfalls in documentation
  • Help protect and reassure the public, your service workers and operators
  • Provide you with a detailed report outlining any compliance gaps and provide recommendations or solutions to address these gaps
  • Provide you with a framed certificate which can be displayed publicly in your facility once the facility passes compliance
  • Collect and maintain all records in our Compliance Database to ensure fast and accurate access moving forward

No one wants a critical incident. If you have not had a comprehensive, unbiased audit of your arena facilities in the past year, or an engineer certified audit in the past two years, now is the time to contact us.

(Levels of Assurance)

Level 1: General Compliance Audit Report (see details below)
Level 2: Engineer Certified Compliance Report* (quoted on a case by case basis)

* Engineer certified reports will be provided and a certificate bearing a compliance stamp with engineer sign off will be issued once a facility passes compliance. Level 1 reports that are significantly not compliant will require a Level 2 report to qualify for a compliance certificate.

Level 1 audits include reviewing compliance in whole or in part, and may not be limited to, the following regulations:

  •  Provincial Occupational Health and Safety Act
  •  Any provincial governing or having jurisdiction Regulations
  •  Canadian and Provincial Electrical Codes as applicable
  •  Canadian Standards Association (CSA) B52
  •  Canadian and Provincial Fire Codes as applicable
  •  Provincial Technical Standards as applicable

and may also include other specific regulations or guidelines applicable including general corporate due diligence practices.

*Update* On August 29th WorkSafeBC released a report on their investigation into the tragic deaths of three men following an ammonia leak at an arena facility in Fernie last year, click here to learn more about what was discovered.

Learn more about ammonia safety and the risks posed by non-compliance of regulations. Ensure that your risk management is adequately maintained to prevent ammonia release incidents.

Audits are available across Canada and we are currently booking into Fall 2019.

Contact us now to reserve your audit.

Take a look at the Fernie investigation report for more information on the ammonia leak in 2017.