Asset Management

Asset Management

Do you have a collection of tools, equipment and/or safety-related items with manufacturer required and/or legislated preventative maintenance schedules?

Do you have an efficient and scalable solution to manage these schedules?

Do you know when your next preventative maintenance is due on each item?

Do you have a problem with employee theft or abuse of equipment?

Using our software, Barantas can create and maintain a database of your tools, equipment and other safety-related assets and their corresponding maintenance schedules. This will help you remain in compliance with maintenance and upkeep and ensure your insurance coverage properly matches your asset base. Your asset management database can be managed by a Barantas account representatives, by your own corporate representative, or by both simultaneously.

The database can also track who equipment and tools have been assigned too, and delegate accountability and responsibility for their upkeep. Our ready-made audit forms make it easier to ensure equipment and other assets are being properly inspected and maintained.

We also offer arena safety inspections and comprehensive audits of ammonia refrigeration systems. NEW*