JHSC Management and Chairing

Is your JHSC structured properly and do members understand how to conduct a formal meeting?

Is your JHSC fully functional and able to affect change?

Are your workers aware that a committee exists where they can meet to discuss their health and safety concerns?

Does your JHSC provide full circle feedback?

The JHSC name and regulations may vary a bit across the country, but in most provinces a JHSC is mandatory when a company or project has 20 or more regular employees.

Our technical experts and senior staff can:

  • help implement and encourage JHSC participation across all levels of your organisation to ensure your committee is fully informed
  • manage your JHSC infrastructure and chair meetings, from local committees up to national periodic reviews
  • provide guidance and suggestions during meetings as required

We use our proprietary BRASS* software to manage meetings and track concerns, ensuring nothing is overlooked and important issues get pushed up to national meetings for review.

* BRASS health and safety management software is owned and operated by BRASS Inc. (http://brassinc.ca)