Hazard Assessments & Risk Registry

Hazard Assessments & Risk Registry

A hazard assessment is a structured approach to evaluating the risk involved with each step in a task.

Hazard assessments ensure that your organization’s health and safety procedures are relevant and complete. They are a legal requirement that, when done correctly, can help prove your due diligence.

Barantas performs and manages collections of hazard assessments to create risk registries for organizations across Canada. These registries are used to prioritize control over risk exposure and develop the necessary and appropriate policies and procedures.

Once the hazard assessments are complete and the risk registries developed; Barantas can help educate and train your workers on risk reduction. The resulting standardisation maximises procedural efficiency while reducing redundancy and unwanted incidents.

Barantas offers a complete hazard assessment in print form or you can manage your risk registry database through our software system.