Violence & Harassment for Management

Prevention and Control

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The Occupation Health and Safety Act of Ontario requires employers to assess the risks of workplace violence and harassment (Bill 168), develop policies and programs, and take reasonable steps to prevent or eliminate violence and harassment. This course is designed for management to provide legal requirements for compliance, and introduce practical methods to address and respond to complaints or issues relating to violence and/or harassment. Some modules covered in the course include:

  • Violence and harassment defined
  • How the legislation applies to the administrative/construction/industrial environments
  • Practical applications and policies
  • Documentation requirements
  • Corporate ‘due diligence’
  • Introductions to complaints and/or issue settling
  • Completing audits and hazard analyses

This course is a legal requirement for managers, supervisors, or persons who receive and handle complaints/issues in their workplace. Workers are only required to take Violence and Harassment Awareness.

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