Safe Work Procedures

Safe Work Procedures

Safe work procedures (SWPs) and safe operating procedures (SOPs) allow you to reduce your risk exposure by providing an effective prevention methodology to ensure worker safety and maintain your corporate due diligence practices. They are valuable resources that consolidate your intellectual capital and collective knowledge regarding safety to improve effectiveness and protect your workers.

Barantas creates customized SWPs and SOPs for most industries, trades and sectors across Canada. In addition to assisting in the assessment, development and implementation of SWPs and SOPs, we create a national corporate risk registry collated for quick reference and access.

SWPs and SOPs designed by Barantas come complete with executive summaries and step-by- step assessments with controls, training registration capabilities, and multiple approval and review sign-offs for management administration.

Once complete, SWPs or SOPs can be integrated into a national or provincial corporate manual, with location, task, or project specific procedures (LSPs) or pre-start health and safety reviews (PSRs or PHSRs) custom created as required.

We also offer arena safety inspections and comprehensive audits of ammonia refrigeration systems. NEW*