Health & Safety Inspections for CARF Accredited Facilities or Services

Under the health and safety standard 1.H.15, comprehensive external health and safety inspections are required at least annually to enhance and maintain the organization’s health and safety practices.

15.a.1 This inspection must be conducted in a single, uninterrupted process that moves methodically and comprehensively through an entire program area or physical location, or the organization may have several external inspections conducted that together constitute a comprehensive inspection of all areas relevant to the operation of its program or services.

Barantas has been providing comprehensive health and safety inspections for CARF accredited facilities since 2009. Our inspections extend across Canada, so whether your organization is large or small, our team can manage your complete facility and location inspections quickly and efficiently.

Using a database driven system which is updated annually as needed for current focus requirements (e.g. COVID protocols), our tablet enabled inspectors can provide immediate feedback and reports upon completion of the inspection, complete with follow through sign-offs for staff to indicate when and by whom items have been completed or corrected.

Barantas also includes as part of our service, organization wide summary data helping your organization focus improvement and corrective strategies.

Give us a call today about how we can help maintain your inspection requirement under section 1.H.15, 1-855-385-7233 (FUL-SAFE), or email