Project Management

Project Management

We partner with you to manage all safety aspects of your project, from the initial planning phase through to post project analysis.

With a national team that includes designated safety professionals with ex-Ministry of Labour experience, experienced safety advisors, and specifically certified staff, we can tackle any project, anywhere in Canada, ensuring compliance with all federal and provincial regulations.

Our experience extends across numerous project and industry types and we can work within any budget.

Our Project Safety Management services include but are not limited to:

  • chairing meetings
  • orientations/inductions
  • training
  • inspections
  • safety talks
  • hazard assessments
  • procedures
  • M/SDS
  • pre-qualification
  • management of trade information

In addition to identifying project safety concerns, we will work with you to develop and implement solutions that will ensure the safety of your team members.

We also collect and analyse safety data on an ongoing basis, allowing us to adapt our focus and methods to ensure due diligence and the continuous improvement of defined safety metrics.

A Flexible Approach to Project Safety Management

  • Our representatives can be on site full time or part-time based on your requirements.  This can be adjusted during a project in response to your specific needs and project timeline.
  • Our project management system can be management in print form or maintained digitally through our software, depending on your preference.