Pre-Startup Report

Pre-Startup Report

Prior to any worker being permitted to operate machinery or undertake any new process in a hazardous environment, an employer is responsible for ensuring that a thorough report is prepared that shows that the equipment is safe. This Pre-Start Health and Safety Review Report (PSR) is required to review and address all relevant regulations pertaining to the particular type of equipment and must be completed when:

  • a new “apparatus”, structure, or “protective element” is to be constructed, added or installed,or a new process is to be used; or
  • an existing “apparatus”, structure, “protective element”, or process is to be modified and to comply with applicable provision whereby either:
    • new or modified engineering controls are used
    • other new or modified measure are used, or
    • a combination of new, existing or modified engineering controls and other new or modified measures are used.

Barantas is experienced in preparing PSR documents. We can provide PSR reports in a printed form or the report can be digitally managed in our software, allowing for easy management and distribution.

In cases where an engineer certificate is required, we have licensed and insured engineers available with valid P. Eng designations from across all Canadian provinces and territories. We also offer arena safety inspections and provide engineer certified reports and a certificate bearing a compliance stamp once a facility passes compliance. NEW*

Additional details on PSR report requirements can be found at: