Return to Work

Return to Work

The cost of an injured worker on compensation is considerably higher than having the same worker on modified duties. In fact, unmanaged—or poorly managed—injured workers can cost upwards of 17% of your payroll.* And a poorly handled WSIB claim can negatively affect your WSIB premiums for years.

In addition to mitigating financial and productivity losses, helping workers get back on regular payroll has been shown to provide many psychological, social, and rehabilitative benefits.

Barantas has experience working with worker compensation boards and health care professionals in every province and can manage your return to work claim from start to finish. We can oversee rehabilitation, care provider follow-up, function ability evaluation analysis, and make recommendations through our national network that includes legal professionals and registered kinesiologists.

Other services include:

  • WSIB mediation participation and ergonomic assessment participation
  • Labour Market Re-Entry review and recommendations
  • Second Injury and Enhancement Fund cost relief review
  • Representation in WSIB and Workplace Safety and Insurace Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT) appeal hearings
  • Creation of a physical demand analysis (PDA) database for your unique situation as required by an insurance board

We also offer early and safe return to work plans with modified work packages and can provide assistance in completing any required forms.

*See: Assessing the Economic Impact of proactive Injury Illness and Health Management, courtesy of Occupational Medicine Niagara