“Hi Chris I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much of a pleasure it was to work with you and your team!
Barantas on-site visits and constant communication was imperative to help us create our Emergency Response Plan.
The entire staff have been involved with Emergency plans and Fire drills but never to the level that Barantas helped us achieve; so we thank you and your team for making our facilities safer and better prepared for an emergency!”
Bob Heickert – Leisure and Community Services

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“We have Barantas safety visit our sites weekly, as site conditions change rapidly and we cannot afford any delays due to the nature of our business. These reports are important to our safety process and help us stay on top of issues.
The value of getting an immediate report, where I can see exactly what the issue is, along with full recommendations on how to correct it, makes managing multiple projects very efficient.  I can’t imagine not having this service available.” – Massimo Anania – Lockwall Forming Ltd.