SHSM LockOut & TagOut

Basic principles of individual & group LOTO based on Z460-13

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This program is designed to ensure employers, supervisors, and workers understand the hazards associated with uncontrolled energy and the proper methods of controlling that energy through a properly developed and implemented lockout program. This course is based on Z460 & Z462. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Lockout/tag-out defined
  • Types of devices
  • Reasons for lockout/tag-out
  • When lockout/tag-out applies
  • Risk assessments in performing lockout/tag-out and risks of not performing lockout/tag-out
  • How to perform lockout/tag-out (tools, equipment, processes, forms, etc.)
  • Various methods of verifying LOTO
  • Use of a permit system
  • Practical exercising in individual and group LOTO scenarios
  • Barantas Educational centre allows for hands on experience of devices and process for individual and group lockout exercises

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