Emergency First Aid & CPR

First Response Emergency First Aid Certificate

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This entry level program introduces the prevention and educational aspects to many common first aid emergencies. This First Response course deals with immediate life-threatening situations, as well as the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) system. Other topics for this program include basic anatomy\physiology, victim assessment, unconsciousness, shock and trauma, rescue breathing and choking (adult), bleeding and burns. Legalities and disease transmission are also discussed, as they apply to the First Responder in an emergency situation. The Heart Saver CPR course is included in this Emergency First Aid Program.

With our learner-centered philosophy, emphasis is placed on group interaction and hands-on, practical training methods. This learning style, elementary in its approach, prepares the participants to think, react, and make decisions during a real emergency situation.

Deliverables include: A full colour First Response First Aid Reference Manual and Heart Saver course guide in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). These manuals are written for easy understanding and review, including information about skills performance guidelines for CPR, heart health information, heart health tips, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and disease transmission. A single *Resuscitation Barrier Device, and certification cards required for each program are also received post program.

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