The FIVE Phase Process

Developed as an extension of Barantas’ regular health and safety management program, this specific workplace redesign process sub-program focuses on addressing post-pandemic risks and preparedness for your workforce to return to your workplace(s). Interacting with key individuals or teams in your organization, our professionally certified safety professionals and associates across Canada can help clarify direction, strategies and actions moving forward.

The FIVE Phase Process includes:

1: Business Understanding:
Through a collection of established questions and interactive discussion, Barantas will develop an understanding of your business operations. This will also include the identification of key individuals or teams required to progress through the phases.

2: Risk and Resources Assessment:
Barantas has developed a risk assessment process to help in determining what, when and where changes can be made to reduce risk, ensure effective allocation of resources, and integrate with your business culture. This includes policy, procedures and programs.

3: Team and Plan Development:
With the identification of risk factors, resources available, Barantas integrates with your identified key individuals or teams to educate, strategize, and develop an efficient and effective health and safety program.

4: Plan Execution and Monitor:
Barantas can assist at different levels and involvement in the execution and delivery of your plan. This can include external monitoring of predetermined KPI’s to evaluate success and effectiveness. External monitoring can assist in providing non-bias feedback and data.

5: Learn and Refine:
Assist in understanding successes and failures in the execution of the plan, we can assist in the development of continual improvement initiatives and begin the perpetual growth of your team’s adaptability and program resilience.

Download a copy of our program outline here.

Redesigning Workplaces In Post-Pandemic Era

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