Your Trusted Partner in Workplace Health and Safety

Barantas is a full-service provider for all your health and safety needs.

Our mission is to proactively promote and create safe and healthy work environments across Canada. To achieve this goal, we continually strive to improve health and safety programs, elevate individual and corporate health and safety awareness, and develop and utilize innovative technologies that support workplace health and safety.

Our team of expert professionals will work with you to develop and implement customised, innovative solutions that meet your individual safety needs while ensuring compliance with all government policies, regulations and legislation.

We specialise in inspections, incident investigations, health and safety training, hazard assessments, ergonomic and health and safety audits, PSRs, M/SDS, return to work programs, safe work procedures, OHS manuals, SSPs and ERPs, risk management, asset management, and arena safety and ammonia refrigeration audits.


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