Man Lift (EWP) Refresher

Practical to include make and model of equipment

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The Manlift or Elevated Work Platform (EWP) program at Barantas is highly interactive and provides information based on the IPAF program. The aspiring operators will reach new heights as they learn:

  • How to identify all EWP parts necessary in a circle check
  • The importance of EWP’s in the industry
  • The fall protection requirements and how to tie off properly

This course focuses on the practical components and the operator’s ability to operate:

  • Perform a proper (e.g., in detail and documented) circle check
  • Operate the EWP
  • Maneuver around an obstacle course and rescue a distressed individual!

This course is in compliance with the new ISO Standard 18878 Mobile EWP-Operator training. Barantas uses the Skyjack-adapted European IPAF program tailored to the North American operator.

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