Who is BRASS?

The Barantas and BRASS ™ Difference


Founded in 2002, we are a full-service health and safety firm with a mission to proactively promote and create safe and healthy work environments across Canada. To achieve this, we strive to continually improve health and safety programs, elevate individual and corporate health and safety awareness, and develop and utilize innovative technologies that support workplace health and safety.

Our client relationships are paramount and built on mutual trust. We earn this trust by providing clients with comprehensive, long-term protection and a personalized partnership, anchored by our commitment to service excellence. We are dedicated to helping foster successful safety cultures within organizations and strive to provide proactive solutions to meet individual safety needs.

Our proprietary service model is built around the conviction that safety management should encourage accountable involvement and participation for the protection of everyone.


Developed exclusively for Barantas by BRASS Inc., BRASSTM is an easily deployed, integrated software program that seamlessly allows for the digital implementation of health and safety programs. BRASSTM enables executives and project managers to oversee manpower and safety issues across multiple projects and provinces simultaneously, while providing cost effective, real-time tools to streamline health and safety processes in the field.

Together, Barantas and BRASSTM can provide you with:

  • leading industry manuals, content and consulting on a nationally supported platform
  • a customizable hardware and software solution to get your program in the hands of everyone
  • a network of health and safety professionals, trained, certified and experienced in BRASSTM delivery

The winning combination of Barantas and BRASS helps enable your business to achieve safety excellence.

Barantas and BRASS ™

Your Trusted Partners in Health and Safety

Numerous health and safety solutions are available across Canada, each representing one or more of the components required to create and maintain a complete health and safety management system. Together, Barantas and BRASSTM deliver a cost-effective, full-service solution in one trusted, comprehensive package: a national team of health and safety consultants combined with professional content, software, hardware and support. Our program has been designed from start to finish to ensure continuity, integration, and ease of understanding and use—providing you with piece of mind on a national scale while helping you achieve safety excellence.


Barantas’ professional
content and robust
Canadian national
health and safety management program


BRASSTM seemlessly
facilitates the collection, management and
analysis of all your
health and safety data


iPad leasing solutions,
fully supported and
managed, without the
hassle and cost of
internal IT management


Barantas Certified
National Associates
(BCNA) customize and
implement innovative

Combined, Barantas and BRASSTM are unmatched in the industry,
delivering a complete content, software, hardware and consulting solution.