Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Mississauga, Ontario

Barantas and Lenco team up to create customized electrical safety programs
Barantas Inc. (Barantas) and Lenco Training & Technical Services (Lenco) are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership to co-develop and deliver customized electrical safety programs.

Set to launch later this spring, this partnership between two well-established industry leaders will provide nationally standardized lockout and electrical safety training programs—including arc flash and shock protection—that can be modified on a company-by-company basis.

The programs will provide clients with high-quality, cost-effective, in-person consulting, training, and support right across Canada.

“This partnership is very exciting for both organizations, as it combines our national network of resources, content development and educational standards, with the industry-leading technical skills and expertise of Lenco. A combination that will provide clients with security and support at a national level, knowing they are receiving industry leading advice and training support,” says Chris Ursulak, President and CEO of Barantas Inc. “The partnership is consistent with our mission to be an industry innovator in providing safety solutions for our clients.”

“I’m very excited about this partnership, as it enhances the electrical safety services we currently offer our clients by expanding our ability to fully assist clients in developing national practical solutions and programs,” says Len Cicero, Owner of Lenco Training and Technical Services. “Now more companies across the country will have immediate, cost-effective access to develop, train and implement their electrical safety programs. I couldn’t be more excited about that!”

For more information on the development and delivery of customized electrical safety programs, please contact info@barantas.ca

About Barantas
Barantas is a leader in the production of Canadian health and safety policy, corporate standards and manuals. Barantas offers standardized national safety inspection reporting and analysis, with associates across the country offering local, cost-efficient solutions to national clients.

About Lenco
Lenco is a leader and expert in hazardous energy control, lockout and electrical safety in the workplace. Lenco is owned and operated by Len Cicero, master electrician and Vice Chairperson of the Technical Committee for CSA-460-18 Control of Hazardous Energy Lockout Standard, as well as a founding member of CSA-462 Workplace Electrical Safety Standard Technical Committee. For more information about Lenco, please visit www.arcflash.ca.