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SITE INSPECTIONS • Site safety inspections are a fundamental method of ensuring site maintenance and site compliance from an occupational health and safety legislation perspective. Every member of our staff are well qualified and trained to complete regular and random inspections on behalf of our clients so they are aware of their site performances. The reports are issued identifying all the strengths and weaknesses of the sites and prioritizing the hazards for correction. These regular inspections are essential as a key element of your corporate safety program in the eyes of both the WSIB and the Ministry of Labour.

INVESTIGATIONS • No one wants an accident or incident in their workplace however, if one occurs it has to be dealt with and documented properly while maintaining proper protocol with the emergency and government officials that may get involved. Proper management of the hours after an incident are just as critical as the events leading up to the incident. Each of our staff has been trained to complete a thorough investigation that includes the crisis management of the minutes and hours after an incident.
Barantas' investigations are a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week service that ensures that the most accurate and objective information is collected first hand.

SITE SAFETY MANAGEMENT • As construction evolves into a more sophisticated system for meeting society's needs for efficient, fast, safety products the safety of that site for the duration of the build becomes an integral part of the process. For projects large or small, site safety management is an essential part of a project. Barantas has a comprehensive system for managing the site safety of large projects with properly trained and qualified staff. Our staff will manage the site by ensuring all the necessary meetings, trainings, inspections, safety talks and procedures are completed. They complete regular statistical analysis of all collected documents looking for trends. All of these elements are essential for a safe and injury free system.

ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS • When things go wrong on at the workplace it is essential that all the causes of that incident are identified so that corrective measures can be implemented. Root cause analysis looks at the specific incident and works backwards both in time and in process to determine any conditions that may have contributed to the incident. The root cause looks at the process, the communication, the equipment, the training and the policies & procedures leading up to the incident. To ensure incidents and accidents never happen again a root cause analysis is essential.

RISK MANAGEMENT • Risk management is a structured method of analyzing a company's safety system as a means of identifying weaknesses in their safety program. The logic of such an analysis is to identify all weaknesses and develop strategies for correcting the deficiencies in an effort to prevent all accidents, injuries or property damage. Similar to a root cause analysis, a risk management methodology looks at the processes, the people in the team, the communications of the company, the tools and equipment used and the training provided. From that comes a potential list of deficiencies that can then be prioritized for an action plan.