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Management Systems

WSIB MANAGEMENT & EXPERIENCE RATING • From time to time workers become injured. The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board managements the rehabilitation and return to work of that worker along with the employer. Because the WSIB takes the role of claim manager it is necessary for a company to monitor and manage that claim from their own perspective to ensure that the claim costs and time lost are controlled. Left uncontrolled the claim costs related to an accident can escalate at the company's expense. Barantas has skilled WSIB managers capable of optimizing your WSIB premiums and injury costs to ensure both your ratings and your money are exactly where they should be.

WSIB/WSIAT MANAGEMENT • Barantas has a staff of trained professionals capable of reviewing a company's WSIB claims to ensure that the WSIB is making the best decision for the claimant and the company to ensure all parties are getting the best service. If the WSIB should make an error or rule in a decision adversely, the claimant or the employer has the right to call for a review of that decision. This review can be done in writing or as a hearing. The WSIB hearing and subsequent tribunal system requires experienced personnel to represent their interests. Barantas' staff is skilled and has attended hearings and tribunals with a success rate of over 80%.

WORKWELL AUDITS • The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board has a safety audit system that any company may become subject to. This audit is comprehensive and time consuming. A Workwell Auditor will require an employer to provide documentation related to policies, procedures, training records, safety methods and prevention strategies. A failure in a Workwell Audit results in substantial fines and possibly increased monitoring by the Ministry of Labour and the WSIB. Barantas has successfully supported many companies through the Workwell Audit process saving these companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. Barantas has developed a program that can be tailored to your company ensuring compliance to the Workwell Audit standards while at the same time developing a safety system that your company can champion and market.